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Frequently Asked Questions

Support for Creator Agencies

We’re here to help! Browse our frequently asked questions below.
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Why choose inflverse?

inflverse handles the entire invoicing process for agencies, providing peace of mind and ensuring next-day payment upon content going live. No more waiting months to be compensated for completed work.

Check out to learn more about how inflverse helps influencer agencies run their business.

Who can join the inflverse?

inflverse welcomes talent agencies from all industries who are tired of waiting months to get paid!

Currently available in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States, we have exciting plans to expand to other geographies in the near future.

Is inflverse secure?

inflverse places a high priority on the security of personal data to safeguard your information and ensure secure payments.

What if the brand doesn’t pay?

inflverse assumes complete financial risk when providing funding for brand deals and efficiently handles all aspects of collection administration.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

inflverse is deeply committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive creator economy. This commitment begins internally, with our own team, ensuring we embody the values we champion. We extend this ethos to our agency partnerships, working with agencies that represent a diverse range of creators.

How the waiting list works?

Get ahead of the crowd and secure your spot in the inflverse by joining our waiting list.

Click ‘Learn More’ or ‘Join Waitlist’ to reserve your place and gain exclusive access to the exciting benefits that await you.

How do I join?

Sign up for our waiting list to secure your free inflverse account.

Rest assured, one of our friendly agents will reach out and be there to assist you in getting up and running smoothly.

What documents are needed to open an account?

When creating an account, we require your ID, proof of address and a 3-month recent bank statement.

How do I get paid?

Funds are conveniently transferred to your bank account through ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment method.

These funds are not a loan. You keep the money without any disruption to the brand or client’s processes or timing. inflverse fees are competitive and depend on the payment terms of the deal.

How long does it take to get paid?

Get paid within 24 hours of your content going live.

How to I reach the inflverse team?

Feel free to reach out to one of our friendly agents at They will be happy to assist you.