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Supporting creator agencies, one payment at a time.

Speedy payments. Better cashflow. No Risk.
Welcome to the inflverse.
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How it works

Step 1

Upload campaign

Upload information about your creators brand campaign to the inflverse platform.

Step 2

Confirm campaign

Once the brand campaign is successfully completed, provide confirmation.

Step 3

Get paid!

Then, inflverse pays you the cash upfront!

Step 4

Leave the rest to inflverse

Before, inflverse handles the complete campaign administration, collection and associated risks.

Partner with inflverse and revolutionise the way you work.

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Why inflverse?

Faster Payments

Say goodbye to sluggish payments and hello to speedy cashflow

Experience lightning-fast payments with our next day settlements guarantee.
Instant funds boost cash flow and enhance financial stability.
Advanced payments unlock opportunities for rapid business growth.

Reduced Admin

Escape the endless invoicing admin maze and bid farewell to the wild goose chase of late payments.

Free up more time for the creative side of your agency by streamlining the payment process.
Allocate more resources to build and nurture valuable creator and brand relationships.
Safeguard your agency with seamless compliance and reduced risks through automated invoice tracking and accurate record-keeping.

Minimise Risk

Leave financial uncertainty at the door and enjoy peace of mind.

Minimise payment risk, ensuring peace of mind.
Enjoy reliable funds for improved planning and budgeting.
Fuel business expansion, gaining a competitive edge, with risk-free payments.

Happy Creators

Keep your creators beaming with joy and raving about your agency.

Attract top creators and build strong partnerships with lightning-fast payments.
Ignite campaign success by fuelling creators motivation with immediate rewards.
Establish your agency as the undeniable industry leader, with influencers passionately endorsing your brand.

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Track What Matters

Gain a competitive edge with our real-time data analysis, revealing invaluable insights into creators performance.

Capture insightful data into your talent’s roster performance and brand collaborations.
Uncover new opportunities and steer clear of costly mistakes with actionable recommendations.
Achieve seamless real-time integration with Xero, QuickBooks and other platforms.

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